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Since our startup in 1989 we have been involved in many projects for various clients.

Spitsbergen, Norway
  • Establish procedures for Disaster Recovery
  • Project for Secure Operational Environment
  • Project for Gas Transport Dispatching system
  • Responsible for establishing Customer Support function
  • Integration of Technical Systems
  • Development of Production Information System
  • Development of Technical Datasheet System
  • Development of reporting, sales and marketing system
  • General IT support
  • Establish WEB portals and internet systems

Our competence covers many areas:

  • Project experience (leading, planning, follow-up)
  • Problem solving (emergency, customer support)
  • Object oriented programming (C++, C#, Java)
  • Web technology (HTML, XML, ASP, EJB, .NET)
  • Databases (Oracle, MS-SQL, Sybase)
  • Communication (SMS/MMS, SMPP, CIMD2)
  • Platform (Windows, Unix, Linux)
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