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Information systems are becoming more and more complex. The demand for knowledge is increasing. Time and timing is critical

Spitsbergen, Norway

For a project to be successful, many factors are crucial. We need resources with different experience. The ability to cooperate and work for a common goal is important. An inspiring leadership is essential.

At IT as we have long experience, working in different environments. Together with the customer, we work hard to meet the goals set.

We provide consulting services in many areas:

  • Participate in reviewing your business processes, evaluate the needs and give you advice
  • Help manage and lead projects to improve your business
  • Assist implementing systems or develop solutions for your needs
  • Do contingency planning (disaster recovery)
  • Evaluate information security
  • Provide user and customer support

With our solutions we can:

  • Establish inter- and intranet portals
  • Transform existing systems to WEB
  • Provide information and alarm delivery to various devices
  • Integrate with existing systems
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